Peter Harthan


Public Access

Peter is qualified to take instructions directly from the public and sees this as an exciting development of his practice. You can find out more about Public Access on the Bar Council website but in essence it means that any member of the public can instruct a barrister without needing to go through a Solicitor. The client benefits by saving costs, working on a fixed price basis and in having easier access to specialist advice.

The client should be aware that, as there is no Solicitor involvement, the client has more responsibility for preparing their case and conducting litigation. Where the involvement of a Solicitor is required, and through being on the Riverview Law approved panel of Counsel, Peter can promptly put together a Barrister led team from Riverview Solicitors.

Peter takes direct instructions in relation to personal injury, commercial disputes, probate, and summary offences (particularly driving offences). I am not able to take instructions in relation to family law or land disputes.

Call my clerk Nick Roberts, 0151 242 0707, to instruct me directly.
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